Zero Waste Events

Event waste and rubbish bins in Auckland

Congratulations on aiming for a Zero Waste Event. At Clean Event this is a core service for us. We take pride in our results, helping to keep events and event venues as environmentally friendly as possible. We have even produced our own industry-leading equipment to help our customers achieve their Zero Waste objectives. 

We work with you, your stall holders, and your event goers to help you achieve your goals and ensure that all recyclables and organics are diverted from landfill. That is why we sort all material collected whether it is from a waste, recycling or an organics bin.


We can design a waste management plan and work with your stall holders to show them how they can reduce, reuse and recycle and help you achieve your Zero Waste objectives. 


We can also supply compostable plates, utensils and cups for events at competitive prices which helps encourage reuse and recycling and aids us in sorting material effectively. Get in touch to be sent samples or images

Event waste sorting for zero waste events


Transporting mixed recyclables from an event to a material recovery facility often results in significant amounts of the material being sent to landfill due to cross-contamination. 

We sort all materials on-site to reduce contamination, achieve zero waste and ensure recyclables can be used for reprocessing in higher value products.


Studies have found that bins with the same coloured base and lid produce the best result when the public has to choose the appropriate bin.


We supply three single coloured 240L wheelie bins for each waste station, consisting of a waste, recycling and organics bin. Each of our bins are clearly labelled both on the base and the lid.


Having staff at waste stations to assist the public in choosing the correct bin is a great way to educate the public and ensure your Zero Waste goal is communicated in a high profile setting. This is a premium service which suits events with discerning clients, also new events which might be looking to build loyalty or a communicate a point of difference. 


While we can supply you with a cost effective zero-waste event, we are also happy to provide staff or work with your volunteers to educate the those attending your event at the waste stations.

Got questions about Zero Waste Events or Waste Management plans?

Organic waste and recyclable rubbish bins for zero waste events
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